Thursday, September 11, 2008

Go Reds!!!

...or something like that. Last weekend, Kelly and I got to go to Cincinnati to see a game between the Reds and the Cubs. Kelly's Dad planned this trip as an employee appreciation day, and all of his employees and their families were invited. We decided to tag along too, and we met the E&M bus at a Ryan's near Louisville. We were late (it was Kelly's fault obviously) so we scarfed our food quickly and then it was onto the bus for Cincinnati! That was the first I had been to the city, and it seemed like a nice place (from what little I saw). The ball park was definitely nice, and it was a perfect night for baseball. We had all the ol' ball park favorites: hot dogs, nachos with tons of cheese, and peanuts (no cracker jacks). It was an exciting game, the Reds had a grand slam and Alfonso Soriano hit three home runs, back to back to back. Most of the people in the stands were Cub fans, so the crowd was pretty pumped up about it.

The only drawback to the trip is that we had to turn around and come back home. The game didn't get over until almost 11 pm. We thought about getting a hotel room, but I grabbed a coffee in Corydon and felt pretty good. Kelly of course felt great since she slept all the way home :)

So what's been going on besides that? Well, Kelly has been crazy busy, getting up at 5:20 am so that she can get ready to go to work. She really likes her new job though, and I really like the money, so everyone is happy. We are looking forward to the football game against no. 16 Oregon this weekend. Boiler Up!