Monday, May 24, 2010

What a day!

I was hoping for a nice, relaxing day off today. Nick and I had worked hard over the weekend painting the living room and hallway, so I had no plans for today. Unfortunately, my day involved waking up with a sick doggie and then taking her to the vet, sitting there for 2 hours, then being told that she needed surgery for a bowel obstruction. I then cried for an hour or so before they called me back saying surgery wasn't necessary, praise the Lord!! Needless to say had been in quite a state of distress. Nick is at a conference, so I was the lone doggie parent today. The surgeons requested that an ultrasound be done just to confirm the obstruction. Thankgoodness that they requested this, because the U/S showed that there was no obstruction! They kept Miss Molly for the afternoon for observation and gave her some IV fluids. I was able to bring her home this evening. She still is one sad puppy, but hopefully she'll be feeling better tomorrow. I think she may get to sleep with Mommy tonight!

On a happier note, I did receive a shipment of clothes for Baby Manicke that I had ordered from Crazy 8. This was a nice end to a crazy day. I absolutely love them, especially the little jacket. I must admit that I have an obsession with baby clothes though. I am going to restrain myself from buying anything least for a few more months :)

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Nick said...

Ahhh, what did you do to my precious little puppy?!?!? Just kidding, I know she is in good hands. Love the clothes by the way.