Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday, July 17 - Typhoon strikes Hualien!!

Kelly and I left the apartment around noon today to get lunch and go to the store. It was a little windy, but still sunny and kind of a nice day. The national weather service here in Taiwan said the storm would be arriving sometime in the evening, so we decided to get out while we could and stock up on food. There is not much at the grocery store that we want to eat, so we got the ol' faithful stand-bys: PB&J and cereal.

Although the weather was still good, we didn't think it would be a good idea to venture too far from shelter, especially since weather prediction here is notoriously inaccurate here (not through any fault of the weathermen, the weather is just unpredictable). We just laid around the dorm, watching TV, Kelly cleaned some, and I did a little work. Around 4 we got a call from someone from my lab telling me that we wouldn't be going to work tomorrow because of the weather. This got us a little concerned obviously. I thought this thing would last like 6 hours, now we are afraid it may keep us indoors tomorrow too. So, with the wind starting to pick up and some rain starting to fall, Kelly and I made another mad dash to the store to get some more food. Although Kelly was happy to make sure she had enough peanut butter and jelly to last for several days, I decided to branch out a little bit. I got some meals that come in a pouch that you can heat up in warm water (we don't have a microwave which kind of limits our eat at home options).

5:00 pm - The winds and rain really started picking up around now. The satellite images from the weather service show that the edge of the storm is over Taiwan now. We are watching the movie "Ella Enchanted" to help pass away the time.

10:30 pm - After a delicious supper, and another movie "Troy", we are ready to go to bed. Kelly had a PB&J and I had my ready to eat meal with some noodles. It was ok, but I think Kelly thought it was rather disgusting. We enjoyed vegging out in front of the TV and eating about half our stash of food! Hope it doesn't have to last too long. It is still raining hard and it is very windy. The electricity has gone out a few times, but it always comes back on quickly. Hopefully, it will not go out for any extended period of didn't occur to us to pick up a candle or a flashlight for some reason

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