Friday, July 25, 2008


I am very glad that the weekend is finally here! I don't have too much to blog about today. I spent the morning exercising, doing laundry, and I watched an old Harrison Ford movie "The Witness". It was pretty good. After another good ol' Chinese lunch, I spent the afternoon in the library. I finally got the people at the information desk to understand that I wanted to use the Internet, but it shut off after 30 minutes. The library also carries two daily newspapers that are in English, so it was nice to catch up on the news around the world.

Tonight, we drove into town and attempted to find the Hualien train station. There is supposed to be a visitors center near there, and we wanted to get some information about Taroko Gorge. We drove around for at least an hour and could not find it. Although, we did come very close (we recognized a few things from our trip into Hualien), but we gave up because we decided food was becoming an urgent need. It just so happened that Nick found this restaurant (The Clubhouse) that we heard had great western food. I had the enchiladas and he had the burritoes. They were fantastic! I would definitely go there again. Funny thing was, they served french fries with our meals. I guess they don't believe in the endless chips and salsa that you get at Mexican restaurants in the states.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home to stock up on food for our trip tomorrow. You would not believe the flavors of potato chips that are available. I saw labels for seafood and fried chicken, yum, yum :)

Sorry that it wasn't too exciting today. I am hoping to have interesting news to report tomorrow on our trip to Taroko Gorge, and we should have some fabulous pictures.

The top picture is of the washer and dryer here at our room. It has been a guessing game at figuring out how to operate it! The other picture is of one of the "no scooter" signs on campus, indicating that you cannot take your scooter on that particular road. The track here at the university is also in the background. The last picture is of the restaurant sign where we ate tonight.


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