Monday, July 28, 2008

We survived our first typhoon!

I awoke during the night and thought it was rather warm in here. When I looked at the air conditioner, I noticed that it wasn't running. I woke Nick up so he could turn it on, but he informed me that the electricity was out. Great way to start the morning huh? In addition to this, there was about an inch of water in a 5x4 foot area. The area around the window unit began leaking during the heavy rain and wind that we received last night. Nick awoke during the night and noticed this and thankgoodness he had moved all of our things out of the way. After we cleaned up the water and had breakfast, we were concerned as to what we would do the rest of the day without any electricity. Fortunately, it came back on in a few hours. At least this way we can do productive things, like surf the internet and watch movies on TV. Oh, and we have air conditioning now, which is a top priority here in Taiwan.

The rain had slowed to a steady drizzle and the gusty winds had stopped, so we walked down the road to the nearest restaurants for lunch. We tried a new place that reminded me of fondue restaurant. We both had our own pan of broth that was set onto a burner. The temperature was controlled by us, and we were given a large plate of food that we could place into the broth to cook. Unfortunately, the large plate of food included thinly sliced beef, cabbage, greens, shrimp (with the heads on), tofu, and an assorted of other things that I could not identify. Nick cleaned his plate, but I was left feeling rather hungry. We will not be eating there again!

We passed the afternoon by watching TV and I took a nap. I think Nick did some work, or maybe he was just surfing ESPN's website - who knows?!? We drove the scooter back to the "strip" and found a restaurant that was open. It was packed and took forever to get our food, but at least I didn't have to eat another PB&J. Although, I seriously think I could get used to eating that stuff :) We just finished watching the movie "Definitely Maybe" with Ryan Reynolds. It was very cute; I would highly recommend it. We are both looking forward to spending some time outside of our cozy dorm room tomorrow. Who knows , we may like this so much that we could sell our house and move into graduate student housing. Now there's an idea!

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