Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Taipei 101

I have to admit that I was very lazy this morning. I talked to Mom and Dad and then spent the rest of the morning finishing the book that I started yesterday. Since the beginning of summer, my reading had been pretty limited to anything with "nurse practitioner review" in the title. After last Monday though, I vowed to not pick up a textbook again - well at least for another week. The cardiology office where I'm going to work was gracious enough to lend me a few books so that I could do some "light" reading. Let's just say that I need to cover at least 15 chapters or so, and actually retain much of this information. I better start tomorrow.

Ok, so about our day. Well, we had quite a crowd at lunch today, all total there were about eight of us. Sunny, Nick's lab partner for the week, gave me a crash course on cooking real Chinese fried rice. I took notes and will make it for everyone when we get back :) I decided to have it with shrimp for lunch, and it was very good. Oh yeah, Sunny is her English name that she has chosen for herself, it is unrelated to her "real" name. I guess it's common for Chinese people to choose an English name to make it easier on us "foreigners".

After lunch, I caught a bus back to our hotel. This was much easier than taking the MRT and even better that it dropped me off right in front of the university entrance. On the way back I found a bookstore and was able to buy "The Herald Tribune". It's the global edication of The New York Times. It was very expensive though - a little over $3.00 US for a newspaper. I have to say that I will be getting my news from the internet from now on. The newspaper was the highlight of my afternoon, along with a nap. Ok, so maybe I was very lazy today. I did exercise this afternoon though. I found that about 25% of the track is in the shade after 4 pm, this made my jog a little better than yesterday's. I was able to run longer, but it still was not a pleasant experience.

Tonight, Nick and I visited Taipei 101 - the tallest building in the world (at least until Dubai trumps it). Construction began in 1997 and it was completed in 2003. It also has the world's fastest elevator. From the ground level to the 89th floor only takes 40 seconds - pretty cool huh?!? The lower 5 levels consist of some pretty swank stores - Gucci, Coach, Tiffany's, and I think I spotted a Louis Vuitton too. We had a great time walking around the observation deck and seeing the city at night. The lights were beautiful! Afterwards, we grabbed some dinner at the food court. We will post pics soon, but let's just say my meal was not that good. I thought everything tasted good when fried, but I was very wrong. I was able to eat my two fried shrimp and some rice. Luckily, there was a Subway and I got to have a coke zero :)
We had a wonderful evening!

Nick has a presentaiton tomorrow and he just told that if I wanted to write anymore, I had to go to the commons room. Since I'm in my pajamas, I don't think that's such a good idea. Until tomorrow... Oh wait, I found some granola bars!!! Yea!!!! They were like almost $4.00 US, but who cares?!?

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